Can I use Tailwind for multiple Social Network Accounts?

Do you have a new client, or maybe you have a couple of different brands that you'd like to manage within Tailwind? 

You can add as many Pinterest or Instagram accounts as needed and also be able to manage them all without having to log in and out of different Tailwind dashboards! You'll always add a new account as a free trial, but you can upgrade that account at any time, to any plan. 

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How to add a New Account

Go to your  Account Settings (located in the settings menu in the top right hand navigation).
Make sure you are logged in to the correct Pinterest or Instagram account on the web before you add an account!
Click the + Add New Account button just above your current account.
Choose a Social Network to add and Authorize the Tailwind App. 

How to access your Newly added Account

Each Pinterest or Instagram account you track is a unique account in Tailwind. You can manage many different accounts under a single Tailwind login, and you can access them all on the mobile app and the desktop web dashboard.

Go to any page in the  Tailwind Dashboard.
Click the downward arrow next to your profile image in the top left-hand corner. 

Click the new account to switch to. 

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