How do I change my account's plan or subscription?

Sometimes you might find that you really want to access more history archive or another feature that might be locked, and want to look into changing the plan for a particular account. Luckily, if you change the plan for one account, this change doesn't actually change the plan for any other account you have added! 

 To change your plan, such as Upgrade to access more features or Downgrade to have less access go to  Account Settings (located in the settings menu in top right hand navigation). 
Select the Social Network account you'd like to upgrade, downgrade or change the plan for. That account's current plan is listed right below the name. 
Click "Change Plan" button in the top right corner, and then choose "Change Plan".

You'll see a few different options for you to click, "Choose This Plan" in the Plan Box you want this account to be in.
Depending on which plan you choose, we'll either pro-rate the cost, charge immediately and switch you over, 

or we'll set-up an expiring Plan and the switch will be made upon completion of the billing cycle.

Helpful Tip: Click the Full Feature Comparison button to see a dropdown feature set list to compare plans and the features each has to offer.

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