How can I find an active Tribe to join?

Tailwind Tribes is a vibrant ecosystem with thousands of Tribes to join. No matter what kind of content your niche is in you’ll almost certainly be able to find a Tribe for it.

We’ve made finding new Tribes to join simple with Find a Tribe. Here's how to get started discovering great Tribes in your niche:

  1. Go to the Tribes page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation).

2. At the top left, click on "Find a Tribe." This is how you can utilize a search function to look for Tribes that fit you and the type of content you like to Pin.

3. Once you’re in Find a Tribe you can search for Tribes to join by keyword or category, or you can click on the grey tags to find Tribes related to those topics. 

You can quickly see each Tribe’s name and category and learn about the Tribe and its rules.  

It’s important that you join Tribes where your content will fit in. If you find the right Tribe for the kind of content you create you’ll get more re-shares from your Tribemates, and find more content you want to re-share!

Find a Tribe also shows useful metrics that will help you evaluate how many members a Tribe has and how active its members are. When searching for Tribes to join we show a 'Share Score' for each which is a quick indication of how active members of the Tribe are in terms of submitting and sharing each others content. See below: 

Some Tribes are private and require you to request to join them, while others are public and anyone can join immediately with one click. 

If you want to get a closer look at a Tribe, you can preview it by clicking the Preview Tribe button. 

Learn more about previewing Tribes in our Knowledge Base article: Can I preview a Tribe before I join it?

Helpful tips:
Large Tribes are not always better than smaller Tribes. There are many smaller Tribes that have high standards of content and a close group of dedicated members.

Similarly, don't stop at joining public Tribes just because it's easier. There are private (request to join), and even secret Tribes (you'll have to ask around in your niche). Influential members, niche-focus, and a commitment to pooling audiences can more than compensate for a low member count.

Try all sorts of Tribes, and find which ones work best for you!

Read more about Tailwind Tribes in our blog post: Introducing Tailwind Tribes - Work Faster, Grow Faster Together!

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