How do I close my Free Trial Tailwind Dashboard?

Aww, we hate to see you go! One thing to keep in mind before you officially closing your account, is that you can keep using your account for free as long as you like and we'll keep pulling your stats for you! This way you can always come back in the future and check your progress!

To close your Free Trial Tailwind Account, go to  Account Settings (located in the settings menu in top right hand navigation). 
If you don't have a current paid subscription for any network, then click the " Leave Tailwind" button. 

Helpful Tip: You will get the opportunity confirm that you really do want to delete your account.

On the Confirmation page, we'll let you know that deleting your Tailwind account is permanent and will remove all of your pins, analytics and settings forever.
Finally, we would love it if you would share any feedback you have about what made you decide to leave. This is completely optional, but what you have to say will help us keep improving Tailwind.

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