What are Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes
is a tool that enables you to meet and grow with other marketers, just like you! Tribes will also help you with two key problems that social marketers face everyday:

  1. Having a steady supply of high-quality content to share
  2. Getting your posts seen and shared by the right people

With this tool, you will be able to add your own content to a Tribe and have others view, schedule and share your content to their own audience. This is so helpful because not only are you sharing your own content, but you are leveraging the collectively large audience of your peers.

Here is how it works:

Let's say that you have created a Tribe with a few of your friends. While you are searching and scheduling Pins across the web, you will be able to hand-pick content you would like to share with your Tribe members. Since the other Tribe members are doing the same, you end up with a pool of content by people you know and trust.

Although collaborating, networking and sharing content is not a new strategy, Tribes makes it easier for anyone to build a relationships and develop a healthy marketing strategy.

If you are a current Tailwind member and would like to use Tribes, please reach out to us to learn more about tribes. If you are a current Tribes member that would like to invite someone to a Tribe, head over to this article on how to add members to a Tribe "How to add Tribe members to a Tribe".

Once you have access to Tribes, you will find the Tribes tab on the second tab on the left hand side of your Tailwind dashboard.

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