How does the "4 Months Free" work on an Annual Plus Plan?

Did you just see that you get 4 months free if you sign up with the Annual Plus Plan, and wondering what this means or how this works?

Well, when signing up for the Plus Plan, you have two options:

Monthly: Pay $15 each month and schedule up to 400 pins per month.

Annual: Pay $120 for the year up-front and schedule unlimited pins throughout the year. 

When choosing the Annual plan, you save the cost of 4 months' subscription fees under Monthly. A year of Monthly service is $180 (12*$15), but Annual is only $120. 

The $60 you save is equivalent to getting 4 free months! 

Note: all subscription are priced on a recurring basis, in order to stop automatic renewal you will need to cancel the subscription. Let us know how we can help!

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