How can Tailwind help me grow my followers on Pinterest?

Follower growth is ultimately driven by a few key things:

  1. Are you pinning high quality content that your audience enjoys? If so, they will repin it, exposing more Pinners to your pins and profile. 
  2. Are you pinning regularly, at the right times? If so, Pinners will get to know you and your brand from repeated exposure, making it more likely that they follow you.
  3. Is your profile complete and optimized?

Tailwind has features to help with all three of these things!

To ensure you are pinning high quality content, look at the Pin Inspector report to quickly see which of your pins have been the most successful. You may want to use the "Schedule a Repin" button to recycle your top content from time to time. 
Read more about Re-scheduling Pins in our Knowledge base: How do I find my own Pins to Re-Schedule?

Next, check out the Board Insights report to see which of your Boards are getting the best response. As you learn which type of content performs best and which Boards are most viral, you can adjust your Pinning to match. Also, as you Pin from the Tailwind browser extension, we will recommend content to you so you can more easily share content that is already trending or from websites that tend to perform well on Pinterest.
Learn more about Board Insights: How do I find my best or worst performing Pinterest Boards?

We've put a great starter collection of articles from Pinterest and the Tailwind Blog that can help you create the perfect pinning strategy to help build your business.

Check them out!

To pin regularly at the right times, use our scheduling features. Set up Your Schedule to pin multiple times daily. How often you Pin depends on how much time you have to devote, but we recommend a minimum of 3-5 pins per day, with many successful users pinning up to 50 times per day. We will recommend times for your audience to maximize the number of followers who see each pin, thus maximizing your repin rate (or "Virality"). 
Find out how to make a new Smart Schedule: How do I generate a new timeslot schedule?

Once your schedule is set, you can simply add content to your queue via the browser extension or by uploading images

To ensure your profile is complete and optimized, use the "Complete Your Account" module at the top right of your Weekly Summary dashboard to get specific recommendations on how to optimize your profile.

There's a lot more Tailwind can help you do once you've mastered these basic building blocks, but this should be a good start. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team!

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