How do I update my credit card Information?

Uh-oh, has your credit card expired? Maybe you just want to update your card on file? It is easy, here is how!

Go to your  Billing/Invoices (located in the settings menu in top right hand navigation).

Helpful Tip: Are you missing the Billing and Invoices option? Try the "Your Profile" option instead! Your account may have already been cancelled.  

Click the  Update Billing Info button in the top right (ish) corner of the page near your Billing Information. 
Helpful Tip: If your button is Red, that means your card is expired and needs to be updated immediately before service is stopped, and certainly don't want that to happen!

At this point you'll be taken to our billing provider's secure hosted page, but you'll still see the Tailwind logo at the top. This is where you will enter your new Credit Card information and then Save to accept.

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