Start New Tailwind Account

Thank you SO much for downloading our Tailwind Scheduling and Publishing Mobile app for Pinterest and Instagram! We're so happy you found us and are ready to get started with making your marketing strategy easier and save time with Scheduling.

First things first though, you'll want to create a Tailwind account to get started. 

Currently, you can only create a new Tailwind account for Instagram on the mobile app. 

To add a new Tailwind account for Pinterest, head over to the desktop version of and choose "Sign up with Pinterest."

Helpful Tip: Be sure to be logged into the Pinterest account you want to add to Tailwind on your computer. You can also change the account by clicking "Not the right account? Login"

3. Once you've ensured you're logged into the Pinterest account you want to add to Tailwind, create your Tailwind account by entering an email address and password for your new Tailwind account and boom -- Tailwind account done! 

4. Feel free to get started exploring Tailwind, install the Scheduling Extension for your browser, maybe start scheduling some Pins or Posts, watch some great Helpful Video Guides and check out the Knowledge Base (FAQ).

5. Your Tailwind account is set up and ready to go -- use the same Tailwind account email and password that you created a little bit ago to login to the Mobile App and you can schedule on the go

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