What is the difference between Plus Monthly and Plus Annual?

When signing up for the Plus Plan- our Small Business plan, you have two options:

  • Monthly: Pay $15 each month per profile (aka social media account) and schedule up to 400 pins or posts per month.
  • Annual: Pay $120 for the year up-front per profile (aka social media account) and schedule unlimited pins or posts throughout the year. 

When choosing the Annual plan, you save the cost of 4 months' subscription fees under Monthly. A year of Monthly service is $180 (12*$15), but Annual is only $120. 

The $60 you save is equivalent to getting 4 free months! 

If you aren't ready to commit to a year long service in full yet, you can start out with Monthly Plus and then switch over to Annual when you are ready! We'll pro-rate that month towards the Annual purchase and start you with a new 12 months billing date at that time. For instance, if you subscribed to monthly on the 1st, and then switched to Annual on the 15th, then roughly $7.50 would be applied as credit towards the annual upgrade! 

Note: all subscription are priced on a recurring basis, in order to stop automatic renewal you will need to cancel the subscription. 

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