How do I find Suggested Hashtags for my Instagram Posts?

Tailwind for Instagram's Hashtag Finder suggests the best hashtags for you to add to your grams as you craft each post. Using the right hashtags will help you reach more of the right people with each new post.

Hashtag Finder will pop up automatically as you draft your Instagram posts in Tailwind. Just add a single hashtag to the description that you think might be a good fit, and Tailwind will recommend other relevant and related hashtags.

The suggested hashtags are color coded to help you differentiate the “best” hashtags from “good,” “niche,” or highly “competitive” ones. We will be studying the impact of various hashtag strategies over time, but for now the right strategy is likely using a mix of the different colors to balance relevance and reach. Be wary of using too many “competitive” hashtags, as they tend to be very broad and often overused. For more information about the right number of hashtags to use, check out our Blog, " Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram".

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Find Suggested Hashtags Video Tutorial

Here is an in-depth tutorial video of how to Find Suggested Hashtags.

Step by Step Finding Hashtags

Go to your  Drafts Page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation).


On a new draft post that doesn't have any hashtags there will be a few of your Recently Used Hashtags (colored gray) to choose from. The interesting orange-colored hashtag, "#catsofinstagram", in the below image is a Competitive hashtag! This means there are a lot of other uses of it, but being competitive is not necessarily a bad thing, either. 


To find Suggested Hashtags, start by adding an initial hashtag. In this Draft, we’ve added " #socialmediatips." 


You can see that Tailwind Hashtag Finder now suggests a bunch of other related hashtags, color coded to help us choose the best ones.  The lighter green colored hashtags are Good; they have a moderate amount of usage and may be well targeted to your audience. The dark green hashtags (e.g. " #contentmarketing" in this example) are considered the Best to use, as they have significant volume of usage and may also be well targeted to your audience. We recommend a blend of hashtags that are popular, but not too popular, along with some niche and a few highly competitive ones too.  

To add any suggested hashtag to your post’s description, just click on it! When you do, Tailwind will refresh the suggestions based on your selection. It’s that easy!    

Expert Tips:

  • Each time you add another hashtag, more suggestions will come up for you to choose from.
  • The handy Hashtag Counter at the bottom left of the caption area counts up the hashtags on your caption as you go so that you don’t have to, letting you know if you exceed Instagram’s 30 hashtag limit.
  • Want to re-use these Suggested Hashtags in the future? Tailwind’s Hashtag Lists feature is the perfect compliment to the Hashtag Finder. Use it to quickly import your hashtags into a list, save the list with a distinctive name, and add those same hashtags to any future post with just a few clicks. Learn more in our Knowledge Base Article, "Saved Hashtag Lists".

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