I can't add a new collaborator because the email already exists?

Currently, there can only be one use of a specific email address within Tailwind. This helps keep the accounts organized and know exactly which email goes to which account, and not get confused if you manage more than one! Though, this does pose a little bit of a problem if you only have one email address and you want to manage multiple Tailwind accounts or collaborator accounts! 

(Psst. Looking or How to Add a Collaborator? ) 

So, if you are trying to invite a collaborator on your account and you get this message: 

Try altering the address just a bit:

 Add +tailwind after the name Emily, and before @tailwindapp.com

That way it tricks the Tailwind system into thinking its a new email address, even though to the email client its THE SAME! (Oohhhh, neat, huh?) I choose +tailwind, because thats the account the collaborator will be working on, so you'll enter your username instead. 

Finally, the collaborator will receive the email invitation as normal but moving forward will need to use the altered email address in order to log into your account instead of their own. 

Helpful Tip: If you or your collaborator has a Gmail or Google handled account- that will work the best, we believe this trick works with most other email clients but cannot be guaranteed. 

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