My Tailwind dashboard seems to be slow or crash, how can I fix it?

Tailwind is definitely gaining a lot of popularity and growth of users and number of pins per day, which is awesome news but sometimes can impact our performance negatively. About every quarter we do a complete re-do of our backend to catch any errors or old code that could contribute to pages or load times to be slow. This allows to make sure our app is running at top performance at all times, no matter whats going on! Still, you might find yourself in the in-between times, where your computer needs to work a little harder to keep up- try these steps and you should see an improvement.

Free up some memory for your browser such as closing other programs, browsers, tabs, windows, etc. so it has more resources to pull from to run Tailwind. 
Go to your Browsing History to " Clear Browsing History". Here is an example from Chrome:
  • In the History Clear Browsing Data menu.
  • From Obliterate the following items from: - Select beginning of time.
  • Select Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site and plugin data, and Cached images and files.
  •  Click "Clear browsing data".

Completely quit the browser and restart.

Helpful Tip: If you have a lot, a LOT, scheduled pins, drafts or failed pins, these can really slow things down or cause the app to crash- "Whoops! Looks like something went wrong." Let us know and we'll be happy to help get those cleared up for you. 

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